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Questions on withdrawing from the EU and the consequences

22 November, 2018

Questions to be answered on Brexit

• ON the Brexit draft withdrawal proposal, in my career as a negotiator to have taken two years to have produced the 585 pages behind a cupped hand of privacy would have earned me the sack.

Leaving the EU is more complex than just having an agreement to accept the tariffs of the EU without any say in their making.

For example, do we lose the rehabilitation of run-down towns, cities and villages such as Dunbar, which has received grants to colour the town, improve the fishing by providing boats with small cranes and reducing the fleet to sustainable levels?

In Wales there have been grants to insulate and decorate the houses of Bangor, which have transformed the town in two years.

Do the grants to cancer research institutes such as the Crick and three hospitals in Wales continue? Will the EU expect returns from these institutes? Who will pay for the continued operation of this science?

Do the regulations of the design of electrical plugs and sockets continue? Do the colours of wiring remain or do we revert to black and red cables? Do we continue to pay for research to make our dangerous washing machines, which catch fire, safe?

Will students of the EU be given visas to study in our art colleges and science laboratories, or will these places lose a third of their students and revenues overnight?

Will our young people still benefit from apprenticeship schemes by Siemens for making rotors of wind farms in Hull?

Will our trains incorporate in-cab computer controls designed by Deutsche Bahn or will we go on using Victorian rail systems?

Will the sheep farmers of Wales be given grants to improve the grass of hill farms and divert farming from sheep production so that they are not driven to get out their shotguns?

Will we have no say on the scientific safety controls of our food and wine? Will we make financial contributions to the laboratories which monitor our food supplies?

Will we turn our backs on these benefits for the sake of the will of the British people? (Surely only half the people and excluding the teenage vote)!



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