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Protesters: ‘Fix up our homes, don’t demolish them’

Residents of Pimlico estate set to protest outside Mayor of London’s City Hall offices after being denied a vote over regeneration scheme

30 October, 2018 — By Tom Foot

Ebury Bridge residents are calling on Mayor Khan to rethink regeneration schemes

RESIDENTS who have been denied a vote over the demolition of their estate are set to attend a demonstration outside the Mayor of London’s City Hall offices.

The GMB union said it is “unacceptable” that Sadiq Khan is allowing regeneration schemes to go ahead without ballots and luxury homes are being prioritised over council homes.

Residents from Ebury Bridge, in Pimlico, who have not been given a vote on their estate’s demolition, will be attending the protest and also joining daily vigils being held outside City Hall in the following weeks.

In a joint statement, organisers for the protest said: “There are 31,000 residents who will be affected by demolition on 118 estates in the next decade. Nearly 8,000 homes will definitely be lost, and the total could eventually be much greater. Meanwhile homelessness is soaring. Families on council housing waiting lists are giving up hope, and private renters are being ripped off unmercifully. This means that many people are being economically and socially cleansed from London altogether.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan

“Nothing less than a big land-grab is going on all over London. This means the building of luxury flats instead of secure council homes at low rents.

“We say every resident has a right to a vote before any demolition. Fix up our homes, don’t demolish them. End the housing market madness.”

In July Sadiq Khan said residents on estates threatened with demolition would be balloted. But he has signed-off funding for developments on 36 estates – including Ebury Bridge – where this has not happened.

Warren Kenny, GMB regional secretary, said: “The wholesale exclusion of residents of these 36 estates facing demolition from the election manifesto promise is simply not acceptable and will not be accepted by the residents. Sadiq Khan and his advisers must go back to the drawing board and guarantee these residents ballots with no conditions.”

At least 342 of the 750 planned homes at Ebury Bridge will be affordable housing, Westminster Council has promised.

The protest will take place on Saturday (November 3) at noon outside City Hall in Queen’s Walk.


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