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Professor Moshé Machover’s historical account is fully substantiated

09 November, 2017

Moshé Machover

• I WAS glad to see that Moshé Machover has now been reinstated by the by the Labour Party.

Yet in his thanks to his supporters (Thanks to those who argued against my expulsion from the Labour Party, November 2) Professor Machover notes that “the officials who grudgingly rescinded my expulsion have so far failed to withdraw, let alone apologise for the vile allegation of ‘anti-Semitism’ against me…”.

Yet Professor Mach­over’s historical account is fully substantiated by the course of events which are discussed conclusively in your Letters pages.

Further historical evidence is provided by Lenni Brenner, a renowned Jewish historian, who describes in his books – 51 Documents and Zionism in the Age of Dictators – the illicit co-operation between Zionist leaders in Hungary and Nazi officials.

The books detail the deal made by the Hungarian Zionist leader Rudolf Kastner and Nazi officials. This notorious deal made Kastner complicit in the murder of 450,000 Jews in return for transporting 600 prominent members of the Hungarian Jewish community, including Kastner and his family, out of the country on their way to Palestine.

Rudolf Kastner was assassinated by a right-wing Israeli squad soon after his trial (1957). Yet his death could not change the historical facts which the Zionist lobby tries continuously to suppress.

Perdition, a play based on this notorious Zionist-Nazi collaboration had to be cancelled from being staged, under the directorship of Ken Loach, at the Royal Court (1987) due to repeated pressures by the Zionist, pro-Israel lobby.

Sadly similar pressures appear to be behind Professor Machover’s expulsion from the Labour Party, even though those pressures were not the official reason cited at the letter sent to him by the party (The real reasons for expulsion, October 26).

Sadly, the witch-hunt within the party appears to continue, especially against those activists (quite a few of whom are Jewish) who dare challenging the Zionist ideology that is underlining the relentless expansionism of the Israeli state and its brutal ruling of the Palestinian people.

This shameful persecution should be put an end to before it becomes a fully-fledged McCarthyism!



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