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Pope gets photo with Westminster LGBT+ Catholics

Farm Street group –'This just gets better and better!'

15 March, 2019 — By Samantha Booth

Group ‘gobsmacked’ after Rome pilgrimage snap 

WESTMINSTER’S LGBT+ Catholics group has met the Pope for the first time.

Martin Pendergast led a pilgrimage last week to Rome where they met Pope Francis.

Mr Pendergast, a member of the LGBT+ Catholic’s Westminster Pastoral Council, said: “We were taken completely by surprise – we had no idea that we were going to meet the Pope.

“One of the officials said something about a photograph in Italian.
I was concentrating on getting our group seated so I didn’t really hear it properly. Then he said, you know you are having your photograph taken? That was the first we knew of it.

“I was delighted, gobsmacked. One of the people who had been before couldn’t believe what was happening – they said ‘this just gets better and better’.”

He added: “It just gives great encouragement and people don’t feel isolated, they feel they can bring their faith and sexuality together.”

Each of the 16 pilgrims – including parents and family alongside the LGBT+ Catholics –  received a gift of a rosary from Pope Francis on Ash Wednesday.

The LGBT Catholic group celebrates mass together every second and fourth Sunday of the month from 5.30pm at the Farm Street Church, in Mayfair.


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