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Phoenix says: ‘Come to the cabaret’

Famous arts club reopens with post-lockdown live entertainment and ‘10-year survival plan’

24 July, 2020 — By Tom Foot

Inside Phoenix Arts Club

CABARET will return to the West End for the first time since the lockdown next week when the Phoenix Arts Club reopens.

The Soho venue – which is also fundraising for survival – is able to put on shows sooner than the big theatres because cabaret does not need a large cast making it easier to meet regulations.

Parties of two to six people will be able to book, with table-service drinks provided by the theatre for a range of shows every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from August 1.

Ken Wright, managing director, said: “We are incredibly fortunate that cabaret is one of the genres of live entertainment that is able to return to indoor venues sooner than shows that require a large cast or ensemble singing.

“However much as we are grateful that we can embrace the next phase of emerging from lockdown, we are still feeling the pain of the severe financial knock we have experienced, and that our performers have experienced.

“This is why, alongside the reopening, The Phoenix Arts Club is launching a crowdfunder campaign.”

The Phoenix wants to become a Community Interest Company – a non-charitable limited company “which exists primarily to benefit a community” and “not to make a profit for shareholders”.

The Phoenix has been streaming cabaret shows throughout the lockdown. It said it had continued to provide paid work to more than 100 artists across the globe.

The crowdfunder campaign is aiming to help cement the future of the venue so that it can support emerging and established artists for years to come.

In return of donations, the Phoenix Arts Club will offer a number of rewards and experiences ranging from show jackets and jigsaw puzzles to a limited edition print by illustrator Mark Reeve, masterclasses and an opportunity to record your own Musical Theatre Album with West End legend Greg Arrowsmith.


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