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Petition against the HS2 destruction

22 May, 2020

• MIMI Romilly has succinctly put the case against HS2, especially in the current economic circumstances, (We must stop HS2 in its tracks, Letters, May 14).

Unfortunately even the latest report stating the deviousness of those “in charge”of this scheme, seems to be insufficient for the government to change course.

The public are seemingly helpless but there are currently two parliament petitions addressing the issue. Signing one or both is a way of making your opinion known.

The first asks for work to be stopped immediately – a lot of irremediable damage is being done to our ancient forests and their ecosystems at a time when ordinary people would be prosecuted for behaving in such a fashion.

It reached the 10,000 a while ago and got the predicted response, all the usual excuses for continuing. It is still climbing steadily but slowly to the 100,000 target for debate.

The second, asking for the money to be spent on the National Health Service and local developments has been one of the “most popular” petitions since it has been online.

It has now reached the 10,000 and will probably get the same response as the other – unless it keeps going to the 100,000 when it will trigger a parliamentary debate.

Here’s hoping that a proper debate will be forthcoming in the near future.

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