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Perhaps the city should give control of the ponds to the GLA

20 February, 2020

• THE City of London are trying to railroad through their plans to enforce charging at the Heath ponds as quickly as possible to try to stop us organising and protesting – their consultation is a sham, (Heath managers: You will have to splash out to swim in ponds, January 14).

The fact is the city have no right to charge. If they do not feel able to afford the miserly £5million a year from their vast riches, they should do the right thing and hand its management back to a democratic, transparent, London-wide body, the Greater London Authority.

The city have done enough damage to the fabric of our country through their financial services and their work for tax avoiders and money-launderers. Their management of the Heath is nothing but PR hogwash to deflect from their true purpose.

We hear constantly how much it costs, how much they resent paying for it – so if they don’t want to respect the fact it is a free and open common land, hand it back to Londoners.

The reform of the city should be paramount, and this attack on our rights to access our common land just shows their true colours.

They will face a prolonged campaign of civil disobedience if they try to force this through. We will not be paying this illegal, enforced, undemocratic, charge and they cannot make us do it.

Stamford Hill, N16


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