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Pedestrianise Oxford Street

25 May, 2018

• IS it really necessary continually to repeat the facts about Oxford Street when considering its pedestrianisation?

It seems so as opponents to the scheme seem oblivious to the simply damning fact of a collision on average every week in the street and dozens of killed and seriously injured citizens each year.

No local authority, and particularly one as important as Westminster, can continue to ignore this horror story.

It is simply not good enough to argue for the status quo. Millions more people will be pouring onto Oxford Street once Crossrail opens and where exactly are they meant to walk when it is difficult enough already to stay on the pavement?

Just stand at Oxford Circus at any busy time as pedestrians are forced into the road. Or is it just a case of ignoring the argument as long as not to many people get killed.

I would remind those who live locally that they chose to live there with full knowledge of having the UK’s principal shopping street on their doorsteps.

It’s simply not good enough just to ignore the rest of London and pretend you are living in some quiet backwater.

You need to join with the rest of us and give us back our streets free from the threat of being knocked over and with air which is not the dirtiest in the country.

I trust the new leadership of our city council will urgently join with the Mayor of London and make Oxford Street pedestrianised and something we can all take some pride in.

Westminster Living Streets


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