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Party debris showed my neighbours don’t care about the environment

02 August, 2018

Cartoon by John Sadler

• I GOT out of my parked car the other evening to find the sewer grate across the street had the remnants of a cocktail party on top, replete with plastic straws.

I was totally dumbstruck! The catering truck was still in plain sight, the guests were still leaving from my neighbour’s house. Could it be possible that someone who can afford a catered party would be so insensitive, stupid and selfish as to do this?

I saw the host, and said very kindly: “You know that your caterers dumped about 50 plastic straws, and the remnants of a fruit market in our drains, and left the rest on top… can you please ask them to clean it up?”

He responded, “sure”… but an hour later, when I went to take the dogs out, it was still there and the catering truck was still there. I rang their doorbell, not expecting much, but he just responded: “Call the environmental department!” So I left a message with Camden Council.

Unless one is living under a rock, everyone knows the damage that plastic straws have been causing. And these people clearly don’t care.



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