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Parliamentarians had their chance with Europe…

21 December, 2017

• THE democratic vote by the United Kingdom electorate to leave the European Union was an instruction to the government of the day to proceed with that process.

Now we have the risible situation of the occupants of parliament demanding they have a say about it by asserting the “primacy of parliament”.

Yet in the past, the occupants of that place have shown themselves ready and willing to suborn that self-same primacy to foreign influence and control.

They aided and abetted the deceit and want of truth that saw the stealthy steps that enabled the Common Market’s transformation into the power-grabbing, politically driven, European Union.

The Brexit vote was the first opportunity to vote on the process in all that time, despite what was being done in our name.
What price the “primacy of parliament” then. And what price now?

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