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Palestinians need vaccine

18 February, 2021

Sign this petition which asks our government to help the Palestinians

• I WAS so pleased to have my Covid-19 vaccination this week and had two thoughts while it was happening.

The first was real gratitude to the NHS and volunteers for the very well-organised event which seemed to be full of people like me, full of excitement and hope. Perhaps this is finally a way out of this terrible crisis?

The second was shame at a world of such inequality where rich countries have vaccines and hope; and poor countries do not.

This is encapsulated by the vaccine apartheid in Israel/Palestine, where Israel is hailed as one of the first in vaccinating its people but, despite its duties under international law as a military occupier in the West Bank and Gaza, has not given Palestinians the vaccine they need. Some vaccine is forthcoming through international aid but not as much as is needed.

I hope your readers soon get the vaccine themselves if they have not had it yet.

Perhaps they would also sign this petition which asks our government to help the Palestinians: https://www.change.org/Vaccine4Palestine



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