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Oxford Street simply isn’t one of the most dangerous streets in London

18 August, 2017

• PETER Hartley, Chair of Westminster Living Streets, continues to exaggerate (We need a better vision to improve the city and its public realm, August 11) with his claim that “every week in Oxford Street somebody is injured or killed”.

He habitually asserts that Oxford Street is the “most dangerous road in Britain”. This must be debunked, so sorry Peter Hartley, Oxford Street doesn’t even make it into the top five most dangerous roads in London. Number one is the A3 between London Bridge and Wimbledon while Hyde Park Corner comes in at number five.

You cannot win people over with fabricated facts. He proudly admits to using “slaughter” to describe the accidents in Oxford Street. But think how a bus driver feels having been accused of “killing cruelly and unfairly” which is surely the definition of recent terrorist attacks.

Only recently in one of his letters he admonished the residents of the adjacent streets for allowing their current traffic problems to escalate because of their inaction. Then he has the audacity to criticise me for allegedly blaming his “victims” for “the current madness of Oxford Street”.

Peter Hartley’ s myopic scheme wants to shut down Oxford Street without any serious plan as to where to the buses will travel and with no acknowledgement that it is just not possible to run them along Wigmore Street. He has little regard or respect for residents, less abled people and commuters in his drive for a traffic-free Oxford Street.

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