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Oxford Street needs a makeover

02 November, 2018

• WESTMINSTER City Council have produced an innovative and bold plan for improving the general Oxford Street area and Peter Hartley (Living Streets) is willing to work with them despite longing for the full pedestrianisation plan so wisely rejected by local community groups, (Cut vehicles in the centre – and start with the car parks, October 26).

If Mr Hartley’s suggestions of closing car parks, local roads and restricting parking are viable then an integrated public transport system, particularly buses, will be a necessity.

Of course, having not thought this through, Mr Hartley’s no parking zones and road closures will only push car drivers into other residential streets in the vicinity creating further parking chaos. Alternatively drivers will go to Westfield (London) and abandon Oxford Street.

While reviewing access and mobility within the Oxford Street area, the city council should look at Regent Street’s marvellous makeover which has established quality brand stores, much lacking in Oxford Street as rapidly emptying premises are colonised by tourist “tat” shops. The entire street needs a vibrant transformation not just at street level.

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