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Our traders are in need of support, recovery will take time

25 June, 2020

Rebuilding business will be a slow process

• OVER the past year our local stores have had to face a drop in passing trade as council-imposed traffic restrictions hit trade and services.

Then Covid shut down trade to a trickle for a few outlets only. This week a number of stores remain closed even after the non-essential easing.

For restaurants, takeaways and home deliveries, their offer has been much more a service to residents than a truly viable business alternative.

For gyms, and more, the full stop will continue. For all our stores, the rebuild will be a slow process. It will be a long time before pre-Covid levels of business will be restored.

The government guidance, although muddled, prioritises staying at home as much as possible. In the interim our traders will need the support of government and the immediate community.

Throughout the crisis the Marchmont Association has been publishing details of local stores and their open times. Now we will be lobbying for support from the local authority and the government for these vital community services.

Co-Chair Marchmont Association


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