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Our sports centre is about to go for luxury flats and town houses

29 June, 2018

The Jubilee pool

• HERE’S the Jubilee Sports Centre swimming pool on Wednesday morning, as pleasant as it has been for the past 40 years since I came to live in Queen’s Park – my ghost is in the photo.

It is awful to know that the wrecking ball is smashing this to smithereens by the end of the week. It was lovely to see through the windows the cherry blossoms in spring, and all the greenery.

That will be adorning the 350 square metre private garden for the new residents which replaces the 50 square metre public ball court used daily by our youth.

The pool has never had any maintenance problems. The new pool at Moberly is an exact duplicate.

At a time when the population of Queen’s Park and environs is visibly increasing, Westminster City Council is robbing us of our sports centre and setting up a new one on Westminster-owned land in Brent. The new Moberly sports centre is no compensation for Queen’s Park’s loss.

At a time when council and social housing is needed more than ever, our sports centre is being replaced by 70 private flats, with prices starting at £525,000 for a one-bedroom flat, and 21 town houses.

The council ignored our petition against demolition of nearly 6,000 signatures, half the residents of Queen’s Park. That was a mighty big petition.

Later they trashed our visionary plan to make the sports centre self-financing within four years, drawn up with a local architect who specialises in refurbishing existing buildings, and a sports manager of 20 years standing.

The final straw was when Queen’s Park Community Council stopped supporting us against the council. They threw in the towel. They betrayed their own residents. But the real villain is the council, the direct heirs of Shirley Porter.

Heartfelt thanks to all supporters of the Jubilee Sports Centre.

Save Our Jubilee Group


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