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On HS2 and our trees

04 July, 2019

• HS2’s Mass Deforestation Of England 

Did HS2 in recent times
Cut down Old England’s ancient trees
And did they kill our Oaks and Limes
Forests and woods and green valleys
And do they take the habitats
Of nature’s birds, hedgehogs and bats
And still won’t stop till they’ve destroyed
Old England’s green and pleasant land. 

Using a dark satanic ‘Bill’
HS2 will just kill and kill
All living things that need to breathe
As from our land and parks they thieve
Clean air for life, is our real wealth
Cause greed and money, can’t buy our health
No choice we’re forced to breathe foul air
While HS2 strips England bare! 

Music Jerusalem, composed by Sir Hubert Parry & alternative lyrics written by Mimi Romilly

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