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Off streets and into a flat

07 December, 2018

• A GOOD mate of mine, an ex-council employee, was on Islington streets for a year.

Driven into homelessness by health issues, he confirmed what I already knew – that most of the homeless were ex-servicemen. What a despicable, cruel world we live in. Theresa May should have hung her head in shame at the Cenotaph last month.

Peter Bedford Housing Association founded a tenants’ association in the mid-90s. With little fuss, it went about the business of helping those in most need of housing – those who lived a hand-to-mouth existence on the streets.

It offered fully-kitted-out flats to people who got off drink and drugs. Without the construction of 250,000 new homes a year, not 100,000 as proposed at the Labour Party Conference, we will endure a growing “them and us” scenario.



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