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Nuclear weapons or the health service… there’s a choice

03 August, 2017

• AS one who has been very well looked after both in the Royal Free and the Whittington, I have to ask why should there be any cuts? (‘£61m NHS cuts? We can’t do it’, July 27).

At the moment parliament has agreed to build and run another generation of nuclear weapons despite our legal obligation, going back to 1968, to negotiate their abolition “in good faith”. This is going to cost £205billion at least. Billions not millions!

These instruments of mass murder do nothing to keep us safe. We have had numerous dangerous accidents. You can’t threaten non-states like ISIS who are happy to be sent to “paradise”.

Time we joined the 122 countries who have just signed a treaty committing them to nuclear weapon abolition. Then there would be money enough to spend on the NHS.

Venetia Road, N4


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