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Not all surpluses are the same…

01 August, 2019

Cartoon by John Sadler www.johnsadlerillustration.com

• I SEEM to remember that one of the early features of what we used to call the Common Market back in the 1960s was its creation of great surpluses of agricultural produce.

Hence we had butter mountains and wine lakes, which I must say I looked upon with positive pride as great achievements of plenty arising out of collaboration and joint endeavour.

Thus I approached your headline (Warnings over Universal Credit debt mountain, July 25) anticipating a feeling of satisfaction particularly as, it seems, we have managed to create this latest economic miracle all on our own without any help from the 27 other countries in what is now called the European Union.

A good upbeat omen for the future perhaps? But then a “debt” mountain – that’s not so good is it? At least we could feed off butter and wine. But that debt eats us!



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