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Nobushiko Ono says youngsters do not know what a nuclear bomb is

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament holds anniversary event in Tavistock Square

10 August, 2018 — By Steve Barnett

Mr Ono with Godzilla on his shoulder 

WITH a “radioactive monster” strapped to his shoulder Nobushiko Ono turned up at Tavistock Square on Monday with a stark warning: “Tell more youngsters that the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament exists.”

Anti-war campaigners and peace activists gathered in Bloomsbury for the annual Hiroshima Day commemoration, marking 73 years since an atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city.

Among the emotional speeches, songs, and even a dance by movement artists Francesco Migliaccio, Fernanda Munoz-Newsome and Hannah Ekholm, came a message from Mr Ono, a member of the Japan Against Nuclear and the CND Society.

Addressing the crowd with a Godzilla toy on one shoulder, he said: “I’m quite sure that many of you here know what CND stands for, do you? But I believe that we shouldn’t be satisfied with the fact that we know it, because there are lots of youngsters who don’t know it now.”

Mr Ono, who spent several years living in Hiroshima, added: “Those people who we want to join our campaign do not know of our existence, our history, and what is a nuclear bomb. Many of them just think of a nuclear bomb as a strong type of bomb, they don’t know what radiation is, they don’t know the symptoms of a nuclear disaster. This must change.”

Camden’s deputy mayor, Councillor Maryam Eslamdoust, founder of the Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy, Rebecca Johnson, and former chair of CND, Bruce Kent, were also among those who spoke.

The commemoration concluded with flowers being laid around the Hiroshima cherry tree, which was planted in 1967 by the then mayor of Camden, councillor Millie Miller. Her son Bernard Miller was among those who gathered.


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