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Nanny panicked over protester

04 April, 2019

One man protests, thousands suffer

• ON Saturday morning, March 29, Eurostar and the high-speed Javelin trains to east Kent were stopped for several hours because of a lone protester.

The media reported extensively that he was on the roof of St Pancras station. No he wasn’t! He was in Islington on the roof of the mouth of the tunnel, which was clearly constructed to bear the weight of maintenance workers.

He was several feet above the pantograph electricity cables, with a weatherproof roof in between. Why, then, did Nanny decree that the High Speed Rail (HSR) lines must be shut, disrupting travel for literally thousands of passengers?

From the photograph it appears that there was only one way for the man to exit and the police could have waited patiently for his surrender.

Bartholomew Villas, NW5


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