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Museum of London buys rare Pierre Prévost panorama

Painting depicts Parliament Square 200 years ago

13 July, 2018 — By The Xtra Diary

The painting 

IT offers a tantalising glimpse of Westminster more than 200 years ago and Londoners today will be able to peer at it as if they’ve hopped on a time machine.

Diary is referring to the announcement that the Museum of London has splashed out £200,000 on a rare panoramic painting by French artist Pierre Prévost of a cityscape in 1815.
Captured from the tower of St Margaret’s church, next to Westminster Abbey on Parliament Square,

Prévost spent weeks fleshing out the details of the sprawl below him in watercolour.

Coming in at seven metres long, it was a section of a piece that would eventually come in at a massive 30 metres and was exhibited in his native Paris in 1817.

Sadly the larger version is lost, but the remaining section is set to be on display at the museum’s Barbican headquarters.

Prévost (1764-1823) was a renowned artist working in the field of

panoramic views: they would be stretched onto walls and dramatically lit up.

Museum director Sharon Ament said they were excited to have bought the painting at auction. She added: “Not only does it highlight London as an important centre of international artistic exchange, it also reveals a fascinating moment in time.”

It was Prévost’s second such panoramic painting of London, the first being created in 1802.


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