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Move the bus stand away from the nursery gates

05 April, 2019

‘Bus stand in front of a nursery can cause a lot of damage to the health of the youngest in our community’

• FURTHER to your report (Pollution bus stop outside nursery can’t be moved because of ‘loss of residents parking’, March 29), so much for their air pollution campaigns to stop idling of cars in critical locations like in front of our school gates.

Recent research has established the very harmful effects of air pollution the development of young people’s lungs, reducing their capacity as much as one-third when reaching adulthood.

Thus a bus stand in front of a nursery catering for the under 5s, with buses producing minute particulars called PM10s from just stopping and starting their engines, can cause a lot of damage to the health of the youngest in our community.

That is why I propose the bus stand for the No 2 bus to Marylebone be moved to the non-residential part of Harewood Avenue and or Great Central Street where the 453 already terminates around Marylebone railway station.

So Westminster City Council should proceed with Transport for London with alternatives for the stand of the No 2 bus termination in Marylebone, taking on board the harmful effects on the youngest among us, first and foremost, and not with any regard to loss of parking income.



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