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Motorbikes are a menace

17 July, 2020

‘Many of the riders act responsibly but many do not’

• IT is thought-provoking that despite growing public concerns about pollution and noise governments have so far failed to limit, or better still eliminate altogether, the menace of motorbikes.

Many of the riders act responsibly but many do not. We are accustomed to witnessing motorcyclists speeding around and breaking limits, producing pollution that can affect our lungs as well as noise that can frighten and deafen us.

Furthermore why are some of their number plates damaged or illegible? And why are there so many sporting L-plates? If these are failing to comply with the rules of the road, why are they allowed to continue to travel around?

The motorcycling industry is very powerful. Every time you breathe in, somewhere in the world yet another motorbike rolls off the production line. And in Britain, there are around 350 motorbike deaths every year.



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