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More reasons to support and protect EU citizens

27 April, 2018

• IT is a disgrace what the government is doing with the Windrush generation in our well-established Carribean communities, with its “hostile environment” policy from the home office, ultimately questioning their Britishness.

No apology from the prime minister will be good enough and the government is still cavilling over compensation for those already deported, who’ve lost their job, or denied treatment on the National Health Service.

They have also paved the way for a lot of our culture, making the government response even more appalling to all. This is a further reason why we should support and protect all out European Union citizens from not having a similar fate through the Brexit process.

So if elected as councillors on May 3, we will campaign for EU citizens in our ward through out the Brexit process and by making sure that any regulations required of EU citizens, post-Brexit will be cost and burden-free.

EU citizens should not have to apply for British citizenship and their original leave-to-remain rights should stand as they are.
Where they do want to apply, then we would support the simplest and least effort at no cost to them.

This will also involve us fighting for the council running passport and nationality checking services, as very often the boroughs have more information than the home office of people living in within our boundaries.

Ultimately giving all EU citizens British citizenship now would avoid another Windrush disaster. And, of course, it would be their choice to take it up.

Labour Party candidates for Little Venice ward


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