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More questions arise over the £6m mound scandal

07 October, 2021

 The Marble Arch Mound

• AS every week passes, more questions are being raised about how and why Westminster Conservatives have wasted £6million of public money on the failed Marble Arch Mound.

I have now written to the council’s chief executive to ask why the city council did not commission any bespoke research into the shopping intentions of mound visitors.

This is a shocking omission which needs to be investigated. The point of building the mound was to attract shoppers to Oxford Street.

But the council has no direct information on how many mound visitors have been shopping before or after their visit or how much they have spent.

We need an independent inquiry to investigate this failure and find out how and why this basic mistake was made.

Unbelievably the city council is now claiming the mound is a success – a “cult classic” according to the leader.

Why then has the city council not reintroduced the charges that were axed in September? Surely if the mound is now a “success” as the council is claiming, there is no reason for it being free any longer.

The monthly management cost of the mound is well over £100k and at present the cost of this is borne entirely by council tax payers.

This is a continuing financial scandal which needs to be investigated by an independent inquiry.

The sooner this wasteful Conservative council is removed by Westminster’s voters the better for everyone. We can do much better than this.

Labour City Management spokesperson
City Hall, Victoria Street, SW1


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