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Michael Foot was a disaster

27 September, 2018

• I WRITE as a Welsh-born Labour Party supporter who left that party over the now discredited Tony Blair and two years ago rejoined, (Michael Foot is not here to defend himself against bogus Soviet spy stories – so I will, September 20).

Michael Foot was a disaster for his own voters in Ebbw Vale in now high-vote, Brexit-Ukip-depressed Wales. He was then a bigger disaster for British politics as he was wiped out in 1983.

He, or maybe his socially-rising wife a Ms Jill Craigie, were the main promoters of Neil Kinnock to be Labour Party leader who, with Foot DNA, lost two elections before recovering the plot to then almost head the EU gravy train.

I met Michael Foot in Milford Haven in 1975 when he argued with me that oil refineries were pure pollution. They actually fed our national economic manufacturing base in the midlands and Manchester via the 3M pipeline. Milford was the other M.

Then I then met him in 1990 ranting on about on the Soviet Union the year before it collapsed and justifying a Beaverbrook newspaper report he constructed in 1940 that it was better we deal with the Soviet Union who had of late signed into a Nazi pact than ever trust the Americans! I mean how amazing.

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