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Mayor announces Pride London 2018 will be on July 7

Appeal for volunteers and community reps following criticism last year

20 October, 2017 — By Chloe Livadeas

Pride in 2015 

NEXT year’s Pride will be held on July 7 and organisers are looking for a team of community volunteers, writes Chloe Livadeas.

The annual parade is undergoing a revamp to change the face and structure of the West End event.

Sixty volunteers are needed to help make Pride more diverse and have a better sense of community engagement following criticism of last year’s event.

This recruitment is part of an effort to combat the growing feeling that Pride no longer represents the LGBTQ community.

Alison Camps, co-chair of Pride in London, said:  “It is vitally important that we fully represent our diverse set of communities as we grow our year-round team.

“It is our intention therefore to seek out and encourage applications from women, the BAME, bi, queer and trans communities as well as those questioning and those identifying as non-binary, panssexual and genderqueer.”

A recruitment process has also been under way to make Pride’s London board more colourful. A similar appeal was put out for applicants to try and shake-up the dynamic and create a mix of members at the top that better represent what Pride is all about.

This restructuring follows a torrent of criticism this summer that Pride has become much too corporate, and has strayed too far from the liberal and diverse nature of the organisation.

Sponsors such as Tesco, Starbucks and Barclays have been accused of changing the face of Pride and moving it away from its grassroots. Support from groups like Ukip and the Army has sparked criticism from activists because of their history of homophobia.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced the date at the Pink News Awards last Wednesday.

He said: “London is an international beacon of diversity, and I’m doing all I can to showcase our capital as the open, inclusive and welcoming place I know it to be.”
Applications for volunteers are open until November 3 at prideinlondon.org/volunteer

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