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Making policy to combat violence and weapons

06 September, 2018

‘A demand for greater investment in youth services and an end to police cuts’

• HAMPSTEAD & Kilburn is just one constituency in London to have been affected by serious violence over the past two years.

Fatalities in both Camden and Brent have pushed residents to take to the streets in protest, demanding greater investment in youth services and an end to police cuts.

To support these demands I have connected residents with borough commanders through drop-in sessions in which they were able to share their anxieties about violent crime.

I am also keen that I effectively use my platform in Westminster. Though it is difficult to amend the law when in opposition, I have been given an opportunity to try to do so as a member of the Offensive Weapons Bill Committee.

At committee stage of a bill MPs are able to obtain evidence from expert witnesses. In the past few sessions I have asked charity leaders and the Met police to elucidate on the steps they would take to safeguard communities from further violence.

This includes asking Patrick Green of the Ben Kinsella Trust, a leading anti-knife crime charity, as to the effectiveness of having a named police officer in educational settings.

I will also be supporting Labour’s efforts to amend the legislation. This includes clauses seeking to close loopholes regarding accessibility of antique weapons. The government holds a committee majority and passing amendments will be difficult.

However I will aim to do what I believe is best for our communities, securing safer streets and ensuring fewer lethal weapons are able to fall into the hands of those who would cause untold grief to innocent families.

Labour, Hampstead & Kilburn


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