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Lord Hailsham was right about the UK’s ‘elected dictatorship’

27 July, 2017

• WHEN the National Insurance scheme was being drafted the minister responsible asked at what age did people die and was told it was around 65.

So he decided that 65 would be the qualifying age to claim a pension. Thanks to the National Health Service and improved standards of living we now live longer than 65.

The prime minister can afford to spend almost £1,000 on a pair of leather trousers, unlike the average wage earner who is just about managing. Just as many women have lost several years of pay because of the decision to raise their qualifying age, there was no consultation on this.

Readers may remember Quintin Hogg (later Lord Hailsham) who stated that our system of government is an elected dictatorship. Once elected politicians do as they please. Though Margaret Thatcher went too far with the poll tax (which led to her downfall).

Having lost her overall majority by calling an unnecessary election, the leather-trousered one made a pact with the Northern Irish DUP group, promising them a substantial sum of money for their support. This despite saying “there is no magic money tree” when imposing further “cuts” to essential services.

The Tories will cling to power at any cost. Something to think about during the parliamentary holiday folks.

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