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Look out, there’s tree-maiming about

03 May, 2019

• IF Camden people are upset at their council’s abusive treatment of street trees, let them rest assured that they are not alone.

Alas every public service is out-sourced these days, at least that is the case in “leafy” Barnet borough. Perhaps contractors wish to save themselves time and money as there will be fewer leaves to sweep up later.

London plane trees, in particular, growing on verges of many Golders Green streets, are pitiful to see as they are pollarded-upon-past-pollarding, leaving only stark and leafless trunks. It would be surprising if any leaf plumes at tops of those trunks could develop this or any future year.

I dare say the maiming of street trees occurs in all the London boroughs. It is definitely getting worse hereabouts. Should residents of any borough note the maiming of trees, now or in the past, would they please complain in the strongest terms to the appropriate councillors.

Apart from heart-sinking streetscapes, this the very time when all possible tree foliage is needed in order to promote better air quality.



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