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Look out for the politics of turmoil and who is to blame

30 May, 2019

Nigel Farage

• THE political implications of the Euro elections will be debated for many months to come but one thing is clear – the Brexit Party has considerable support and there is a substantial minority of UK citizens who would welcome a no-deal Brexit, irrespective of the social, economic and security consequences.

Nigel Farage has cleverly positioned the Brexit Party as the people’s champion against an establishment that has for too long ignored the citizens of this country.

This is a refrain that is being played out by populist parties across Europe and in the United States, parties allegedly committed to giving power back to the people and working in their direct interests.

But the reality is somewhat different. Farage and his fellow Brexiteers (Jacob Rees-Mogg, Boris Johnson et al) have only one agenda, creating economic and political disruption from which they and their elite friends can benefit.

Turmoil in the global financial markets, shortages of key essentials such as food and medicines, deregulated markets, all are potential gold mines to unscru­pulous currency speculators and profiteering businesses.

A no-deal Brexit will inevitably lead to a reduction in environmental, consumer, food safety and employment protection standards and reduced tax revenues to support future social, health and education needs.

The years of austerity that have bedeviled this country, and led to us becoming one of the most unequal societies in Europe, will continue and the only beneficiaries will be the privileged elite such as Farage and his cronies.

Over the coming months we will no doubt hear how a no-deal Brexit will produce wondrous and easily attainable economic and social benefits for all. Don’t be fooled!

The reality is that the sovereignty and control sought by many leavers will come at a heavy price; and it will be us who will pay it, not the Brexiteers and their self-serving acolytes!



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