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Look on the bright side of life

02 November, 2018

• I LIVE alone but in my 75th year I rarely experience what is now seen as a social disease – loneliness. Being alone is solitary: no more, no less.

Having spent a working life sorting out other people’s problems I now consider myself blessed with dealing with my own and thanking the fates for being free of the self-obsessions that seem to be blighting the lives of many today – encouraged by official “recognition” of their various complained-of conditions.

It seems that if anything is mentioned often enough nowadays, there will be an eventual “official” acceptance and even a minister appointed to supervise the response.

I can only give thanks that I was free from this cosseting when I set forth on my London career at age 16 – fresh from the English shires and ready to get stuck in, no matter what.

Like the famous Johnny Mercer song lyric: “accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative and don’t mess with mister in-between!”



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