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Look at the Johnson record

30 May, 2019

Boris Johnson

• IT’S underwhelming that Boris Johnson’s main achievement claim to the crown is that he was successfully elected as Mayor of London twice, when we should also regard his performance in the role.

As London mayor he had boasted that his Boris bikes wouldn’t cost Londoners a penny and they ended up costing us tens of millions.

The Routemaster New Bus for London was a disaster – an over-priced, over-weight, over-heated, over-polluting hybrid that’s not the equal of much cheaper alternatives, which is why it has not achieved any sales anywhere else in the world.

A contract for the Garden Bridge went to the bus’s designer Thomas Heatherwick and the failure of the project cost the taxpayer another £53million.

Johnson has held but one office of state, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, and he is universally regarded as having been a disaster.

He may be a charismatic and a funny fellow but these are not the attributes that the 125,000 or so Conservative Party members should elevate when choosing our next prime minister in these parlous times.

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