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London’s oldest fish and chip shop charity day success

Rock and Sole Plaice raise funds for brave deep sea fisherman

22 September, 2017 — By The Xtra Diary

Ali Ziyaeddin and Ahmet Ziyaeddin celebrate with staff and regulars including Lanah P

LONDON’S oldest fish and chip restaurant, Rock and Sole Place, opened in 1871 in Endell Street, Covent Garden.

Its current owner, Ahmet Ziyaeddin, recently celebrated 40 years in the business and on Friday worked a full day with all proceeds going to help “brave deep sea fishermen”.

The fun-packed charity day included “funny banter” and singing from disco star Lanah P.

Mr Ziyaeddin told Diary: “We wanted to say a huge thank you to all our wonderful customers who have supported us and all our suppliers who have helped us maintain our high standards by supplying us with the best catch of the day.

“Also, we wanted to pay full appreciation to the brave deep sea fishermen who risk life and limb on a daily basis providing us with highly sourced goods. It’s because of these brave people that we have one of the most successful businesses in the whole of London town.

“In order to show our full appreciation we worked for one full day showing gratitude by way of giving all proceeds from the day. Supported by our customers, we matched their 50 per cent contribution with a 100 per cent donation which will go towards funding the Fishermen’s Mission and RNLI, who look after the people that watch over us. ”

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