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Liberal Democrats are developing policies to help keep Camden safe from crime

18 January, 2018

• OUR borough experienced another terrifying incident of moped-enabled crime as thieves with knives robbed a Tesco Express in Swiss Cottage last week (Moped crime: cashiers threatened with knives in robbery at Swiss Cottage shop, January 11).

Enough is enough. Camden suffered from 4,147 incidents of moped-related crimes between January and September alone last year, according to a response given by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan in October. This level was higher than in any other London borough.

It is clear that due to lack of officers and other constraints, the police are struggling to tackle often very serious crimes despite their best efforts.

Members of the public frequently tell me they have either witnessed or experienced such crimes, which include personal attacks, robberies and theft, or that they know a victim. The closure of police stations across the borough, signed off by the Labour mayor, will do nothing to alleviate residents’ concerns.

Equally, severe cuts imposed by the Conservatives across the Metropolitan Police Service have left them stretched in far too many directions.

The Liberal Democrats would do things differently. Alongside other London Liberal Democrats, we are developing policy solutions that will both address the factors giving rise to such crime and provide more support to our hard-working police officers to help keep Camden safe.

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