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Let’s have a campaign to get health check-ups by GPs treated seriously

31 May, 2018

• YOUR online comment encapsulated the history of the National Health Service very well, but omitted one important fact, (The NHS – it’s Britain’s best kept (socialist) secret, May 24). It is not a health service – it is a disease service.

I accept that some preventative work is done and this should be applauded but, generally speaking, the NHS waits for people to become ill and then spends a fortune trying to put them back on the rails.

See: www.tinyurl.com/ healthchecknhs, spelling out the duty placed upon GPs. They must invite patients in when they turn 40 years, and every five years thereafter for an “MOT”-style check-up. This makes perfect sense but is being systemically ignored.

I broke my leg four years ago – cost to the NHS: around £3,000. It was a minor accident and it was thought that I might be calcium deficient. And I was. Had this been discovered as part of this scheme, the cost would have been peanuts.

A more serious case involved someone who was not given a Prostate Specific Antigen, or PSA, test until he was about to drop off the scheme at 70 years. It came out positive and the cost to the NHS was estimated as being well into five figures. This makes no sense.

I would very much welcome a campaign to get these “MOT” check-ups taken seriously. It would be good to have the services of a statistician and accountant to follow the experiment over a considerable period of time and to estimate how much had been saved.

My guess is that the number would turn out to be so large that nobody would dare to suggest now that such a figure could be achieved.

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