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Let us care for them as they care for us

15 October, 2020

• WHO is the council’s hard-working pavement restorer who, through rainstorms and street upheavals, has at last provided us with safe, hole-free, paths for our prams and wheelies?

He did not speak English. He was quite old. He was regularly on the job by 7am. He ate his sandwich lunch sitting on the pavement. He always smiled when greeted. He showed great skill as he carefully fitted new paving stones into the base which he had previously levelled with great accuracy; and finally he swept a sandy mixture into the tiny spaces between them.

The pavement outside the mansion block flats in Chenies Street is quite perfect! It is a pleasure to walk down, and to admire the precision of such excellent workmanship. One wonders whether this worker could have come from a family with a long history of its members taking pride in such skills.

It is this love of working with our hands, informed by knowledge and experience, which has given our country a reputation for good craftsmanship in our carpentry, building and creative trades. Agriculture, fishery and other workers also contribute to this heritage of which we can be proud.

So we should show them our appreciation practically with improved payment for their valuable services, just as we should greatly increase financial and social support for all those who care for us. Let us care for them as they care for us.



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