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Let the Kiln add to the good work of the Tricycle

21 June, 2018

Artistic director Indhu Rubasingham

• THE name change of the theatre from Tricycle to Kiln, the subject of considerable coverage in the last few editions, should be seen in a wider context.

I refer to What’s On Stage which reported on the press launch in April where the artistic director, Indhu Rubasingham, ex­plained that the intention of the new name is to “absolutely locate the theatre in Kilburn”.

Furthermore she explained the logic for and intention of the new name: “A kiln is a space of transformation, heat, energy and forging…”, absolutely what theatre is and must always aspire to.

I understand the theatre will open with a prog­ramme and spaces that will only add to the good work of previous manage­ments as well as to the considerable artistic success of its current artistic director and her team who have, in addition to all else, raised the money for this transformation.

The focus on the theatre’s change of name rather than on celebrating its history and this wonderful new opportunity is surely a mis-step. There is clearly so much to look forward to. Can we now move on?

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