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Let the democratic outcome of 2016 referendum be implemented

23 May, 2019

• TULIP Siddiq MP claims that thousands of people called for a second referendum, (May 23 poll is a battle for hearts and minds, May 16). But more voted to leave the undemocratic European Union than to remain.

If democracy means anything, surely that has to be implemented first and if Ms Siddiq truly believes in the democratic outcome of the referendum in the United Kingdom, it should be implemented. If people want to change it then once the UK has left Brussels then another vote may be held.

After all the UK has been a member of the EU since the 1970s and it has been tried and tested and isn’t working as the late Tony Benn pointed out. But let the democratic outcome of 2016 referendum be implemented.

Failure to do so will herald a social mistrust of politics and politicians which could severely undermine the political climate of the UK for a long time.

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