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Leaving our biggest market is not a clever idea

23 February, 2018

• NICHOLAS and Sara Wood allude to the likely coming problems of obtaining seasonal fruit-pickers which could affect whole swathes of the British soft-fruit industry (Real impact of leaving, February 16).

The fishing industry is of further interest here, the more so given how important it was in the Brexit campaign. There were complaints from Cornish fishermen about those from Spain obtaining licences to fish in Cornish waters. As they were apparently issued to the Cornish, can anyone guess who sold those permits on?

Also prominent in the fishing industry is Humberside. We now read there is a growing campaign there to allow a free port to mitigate against the consequences of the UK leaving the EU.

A YouGov poll of late last year had several pro-Brexit respondents quite prepared for the British economy to be hit and or the jobs of their children to vanish just so long as Brexit happens.

Given we have a government wedded to coercion (sorry persuasion) and in hock to 35 to 40 right-whingers, plus the DUP, can we now look forward to British youths being forced to take up those low-esteem and badly-paid jobs in such as the UK care-home system that Brits just will not do?

May I repeat my call for a crystal ball, of the type that Brexiteers evidently consult, which gives the kind of complete certainty that escapes those of us benighted enough to believe that leaving our biggest and closest market is probably not a clever idea.



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