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Latest attempt to regulate ‘lawless’ pedicabs fails

Council says it has been campaigning unsuccessfully for ten years

02 November, 2018 — By Tom Foot

A PRIVATE Member’s Bill aimed at getting pedicabs “regulated” did not receive a second reading in the House of Commons and may never be heard again.

The bill, from Sutton & Cheam MP Paul Scully, working with Westminster Council, aimed to give Transport for London powers to regulate a “currently lawless trade”.

The council has been campaigning for 10 years without success to better regulate pedicabs who they say exploit tourists, with dangerous and disruptive driving, and excessive noise. Time ran out and the bill was not heard.

The council’ cabinet member for environment and city management Cllr Tim Mitchell said: “For over a decade Westminster has been fighting for real powers and regulation on pedicabs. Without a change in the law good

pedicabs will continue to be undermined by drivers who charge rip-off prices for noisy rides along the pavement, which is a total waste of this fun and green form of transportation.

The council does not have any legal powers to stop bad pedicab behaviour. Transport for London does not have any power to regulate the trade without a change in the law.

Pedicab drivers argue they provide a greener and more sustainable method of transport than other formers of polluting transport, including taxis and minicabs.

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