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Labour rebels tried every trick in the PR book to bring Corbyn to heel and failed

22 February, 2019

Jeremy Corbyn

• STRANGE to see Labour supporters declare the rebels are traitors as it is completely the opposite: their integrity is intact, perhaps for the first time in their political careers.

As they detest Jeremy Corbyn, they have tried every trick in the PR book to bring him to heel and failed, hence the latest distraction. At the next election they will do all they can to split the vote and deliver their party of choice, the Tories, to power, anything to hinder Mr Corbyn.

Boris, Gove and Jacob Rees-Mogg must be laughing their blue socks off as their plan comes together, with the help of former Labour friends, thereby keeping Mr Corbyn out and preventing the rich paying taxes.

Amwell Street, EC1


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