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Labour pact with other parties could end Tory stranglehold

13 October, 2017

• AS a long-time supporter of Jeremy Corbyn and a member of the Labour Party for the last couple of years, I wish he would put his very many supporters out of their misery by taking over government from the Tories.

Time is overdue for such a change, given the ever-increasing issues which arise daily from such dithering. The NHS, housing, unemployment, education, foodbanks and the dreaded Brexit are in need of urgent mending.

In the wider arena of global politics, I wonder how we are seen today – are we a trustworthy player in combating the recession, terrorism, environmental pollution and the threat of a nuclear holocaust?

Meanwhile, here in Islington, I believe there is a certain malaise in public services. Government cuts are certainly a reason for this, but sadly it has also become a reason for buck-passing, inaction and inefficiency.

That it affects local NHS services is distressing, not to mention frightening – and all in the name of political correctness, government guidelines and health and safety.

Thank goodness, then, that there are the few – mostly in the lower-income bracket – who steadfastly refuse to use such reasons for inaction. They spend longer hours working for less, risking health and even legal repercussions simply because they still care.

Dear Jeremy, is it too much to ask you to make a pact with the other parties who can make a difference and end the Tory stranglehold on this country?

We are desperately in need of an urgent change in politics and policy. You have the heart and the mind for such a change, as your residents in Islington well know, so why, oh why are we still waiting?



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