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Labour doesn’t yet look like a government in waiting

05 October, 2018

Jeremy Corbyn

• UNWORKABLE plans for Brexit keep proliferating – most recently in Telegraph from our erstwhile foreign secretary.

In Liverpool Jeremy Corbyn missed the opportunity to get in on the act. His calls for a general election looked more like party posturing than taking the chance to look prime ministerial by presenting a workable vision.

There were plans for water and railways but not for Brexit. If we end up with food rationing, people aren’t going to be bothered about nationalising water companies.

At some point Labour has to look like a “government in waiting” and it doesn’t yet.

Labour is just as divided as the Tories on Brexit and there was some very unsavoury twisting and turning over the possibility of including an option to Remain in a “people’s vote”.

Sir Keir Starmer got a standing ovation for committing to this, at least as a possibility, perhaps, maybe.

A people’s vote may be unlikely but it has become a rallying point for a very wide range of people, including Tories, who are alarmed by the government’s pitiful bungling.

Corbyn’s offer to work with Theresa May if she supported Labour’s “six tests” was a good bipartisan gesture. Obviously it was always going to be shot down by the Tories.

Still, an offer was made and is in stark contrast to May’s obsessive “my way or the highway”, which is ridiculed by just about everyone from Westminster to Salzburg.

Where the Labour Party leader hit top form was in taking on the loony tunes from the far right.

These are the people who are “itching to scrap workers’ rights and privatise the National Health Service with a side order of chlorinated chicken”. They see “Brexit as their opportunity to impose a free market shock doctrine in Britain”.

They are “day-dreaming about a Britannia that both rules the waves and waives the rules”. These ultra Brexiteers, are not in it for you, me or the Leave voters.

They don’t care about the chaos that their disastrous “plans” would cause the British people. They are in it for themselves. Jeremy Corbyn nailed them.



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