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Key workers stand no chance of living in the borough

03 July, 2020

• I AGREE with James Dunnett that new housing needs to be planned on a London-wide basis, (Letters, June 26).

Former Islington councillor and deputy mayor for housing, James Murray, agreed too, advocating for such strategies in the GLA’s London Plan.

However, I respectfully reject the notion that Islington’s job is done and it cannot do more to help ease the housing crisis.

There are generations in Islington that will never be able to live in the borough in the long-term due to how unaffordable the area has become.

Key workers, who have just steered us through an unprecedented health crisis, stand no chance of living in the borough as rents continue to rocket.

As we’ve seen in various reports, Islington’s hyper-gentrification means it is at risk of become a haven for the rich.

Only building more social housing can prevent this from happening and keep Islington the diverse and inclusive borough we all love.

I appreciate the council’s efforts to build more social housing and call on housing associations, such as Peabody, to stop selling off homes in the borough privately and instead sell to their fellow registered social housing providers or the council in order to keep investment within the housing system and retain social housing across the capital.

Bavaria Road, N19


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