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07 February, 2020

US president Donald Trump

• US president Donald Trump and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu have now released their “ultimate deal” that purports to bring peace to the Middle East.

Trump is currently on trial in the senate for abuse of power and obstruction of congress. Netanyahu is facing charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust.

The state of Palestine, which is the entity that Israel is supposed to make peace with, did not even attend the announcement.

Trump’s proposal would amount to the annexation to Israel of illegal Israeli settlements located outside Israel’s boundaries.

The Palestinian West Bank would be turned into a kind of Swiss cheese, with the Palestinians relegated to isolated enclaves not unlike the Bantustans of apartheid South Africa.

In fact Palestinians have long been subjected to an apartheid regime over which they have no control. Trump’s “deal” does nothing to resolve or even ameliorate the situation. The Palestinians have understandably rejected it.

London is arguably the world’s centre of the international solidarity movement in defence of Palestinians rights. Camden has a proud history of international solidarity. From the 1960s onwards it was the centre of the Anti-Apartheid Movement in solidarity with the people of South Africa.

We encourage all your readers to become members of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, to boycott all goods made in Israel, and particularly in illegal settlements, and to join us in our struggle against Israeli racism.



Press officer

Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Camden branch


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