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It’s very hard to know exactly where the boundaries of the HS2 carnage lie

06 December, 2018

• SOME years ago I was accused in your paper of lying by HS2 about the extent of the damage right up to Park Village East good enough for Stanley Johnson to obtain his just reward. And, now, to produce no more than a fuzzy photograph of the extent of HS2 marked “indicative” continues the deception.

It is very hard to know exactly where the boundaries of the carnage lie. Even a Second World War expert interpreter of air photos, with a stereoscopic viewer, would find it difficult. A simple line in red on an AZ would be more honest. By now there should be a beautiful model of the scheme, with lift-off pieces, tiny trees, people, plastic taxis, buses etc. (4D models would supply the parts).

Only then could one see the terrible and completely unnecessary damage to Camden, and how the station and railway cuttings and bridges will be bigger than the Fascist station of Roma Termini, and a good deal less useful as one will still have to walk from Euston to St Pancras to catch a train to Europe, and how the plan does nothing to improve access to London down Eversholt Street and how it destroys students cycle routes to London University and a nice park of plane trees.



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