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It’s time to tell government departments that what they do is not in our name

11 September, 2020

Neri Pucci, an emergency worker at the Royal Free hospital

• I AM well aware that rules are rules and must be obeyed, but when they run up against common humanity, surely there is a case for an automatic overruling, (Hospital colleagues in bid to help emergency nurse with cancer, September 3).

A man who has worked as an emergency nurse in the NHS, and therefore for whom we all clapped for on our doorsteps not so long ago, now finds he doesn’t qualify for sick pay from the NHS.

That’s how far we have allowed our institutions’ obsessive tight-fisted attitude towards those in trouble poison our natural kindness to fellow human beings.

I don’t know a single person who would not want our taxes to help such a man as that nurse. Nor do I know any humans who would deny food to the hungry. But our government departments do.

It’s about time we told them: “Not in my name!”.



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