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It’s time for a royal commission to look into the Met police

03 March, 2017

• MET police commissioners since 2005 had one thing in common in that they presided over botched operations and squandered their funding.

Former commissioner Sir John Stevens said in November 2000 that the Metropolitan Police Service was in crisis. So is Cressida Dick a safe pair of hands to steady the ship? With the cloud that hangs over her since the Stockwell incident in 2005, when Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes was shot and killed by officers, she cannot afford any mistakes.

At a time of rampant street crime and increased terror threat, shopkeepers can be harassed by police for selling lighters, drug paraphernalia, and bongs or for allowing cigarette butts to litter pavements. Yet they ignore stores selling alcohol 24:7, and fail to answer 999 calls at 4am at weekends.

A royal commission is needed.



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